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JULY 2017





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“Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, my dearly beloved.” Phil. 4:1

Today we are living in a world of intense competition and compromise. There are pressures of all sorts brought upon us from every side.  But when a person is in touch with God, he will stand fast in the Lord and will not yield to the surrounding pressures. He is sensitive to the voice of God in obedience. Such a person rises above the tides of the world and proves the Living God through their life.

When Moses tarried in the presence of God, Aaron was brought under tremendous pressure by the people.  It is very hard to believe that Aaron, who had the privilege of being with Moses, could yield to the people without any resistance.  He gave in to the demands of the people and did what they said. Today we too are exposed to intense pressures to yield and compromise with the world. Are we standing fast in the Lord, doing His will and seeking His glory?

God has been so good to us in this Fellowship all these 82 years. Bro. Daniel (senior) and Bro. Joe built this work on the promises of God by faith and prayer. We need to build on these strong foundations of God’s word without any compromise with the world. Now we must be ever so careful to maintain and live the God-given Bible standards and principles we have been taught.

As we enter into this 83rd year of ministry, we need God’s direction and presence more than ever before. His presence must go before us and His still small voice must guide and lead us in every step of our life, as individuals and as a Fellowship. There are new areas to be reached and more and more souls to be won to the Lord.

Let us pay heed to the warning given in the Scripture, “He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” (Mark 13:13) We must humbly walk with God all the days of our life and as we walk with God, we become smaller and smaller in our own eyes. That is the key to spiritual growth.  We need to be broken at the Cross of Jesus daily so that we are renewed, revived and equipped for spiritual warfare in this new year of ministry.






New Advances in the Ministry

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling, in West Bengal, at an altitude of 6700 feet, is known for its natural beauty and tea gardens.  Many tourists from India and other countries visit Darjeeling to see its natural beauty. Students from different parts of the country and from neighbouring countries like Bhutan and Nepal come to do their schooling in this hill station.

Sadly, many young people are enslaved by drugs, alcohol and an immoral lifestyle.  After much prayer, one of our trained Bible students, Surendra, and his wife, Shobha, a staff nurse trained in our hospital in Anantnag, Kashmir,  were sent to reach souls with the Good news of the Gospel.

The Lord has been strengthening them and helping them to reach souls through the Sunday service in their house. They go to the streets and give tracts to passersby and visit hospitals and houses to share the Good News through tracts and booklets. We must pray much for them that the dear Lord will touch precious souls in this needy area of the country.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

After the transfer of one of our converted sisters to Ziro, the Lord enabled us to start the Sunday service here.  Recently, two of our trained Bible students, Adiak and his wife, Yaku, have been sent to take care of the work in Ziro. We need to see people transformed from all kinds of superstitions, empty rituals and spirit worship, which are very prevalent here.

 Our book fairs in Ziro have seen a tremendous response with people who have great hunger for God’s word and now a Beautiful Books shop has been set up on the highway leading to the borders of China.

We must pray that the preaching of the Word of God will dispel all darkness and destroy the works of the devil and that souls may be reached and that the blessing will spill into China.

New English Telecast in India

The message of the Lord has been reaching many unreached regions of India through our television broadcasts in several Indian languages. The word of the Lord over these telecasts speak to people, heal their sicknesses and transform their lives.

With a burden to reach the English-speaking people in India and in the neighbouring countries, the Lord has enabled us to start a new telecast exclusively in English.  It is on ‘Good News TV’ from Monday to Friday, from 6.30 to 7.00 am. It is now available on DTH platforms like Airtel, Hathway and Jio 4G.

Let us pray that the Lord may open hearts and touch and transform many lives.

Agartala, Tripura

Sensing the need of this state, Bro. Joe’s heart was greatly burdened to reach these people with  good Christian literature. When our book fair team conducted book fairs in Agartala, they had an overwhelming response and welcome. 

In June 2016, one of our trained Bible students, Bijoy, and his wife, Mandira, were sent to  Agartala, the capital of Tripura. Now we have our regular Sunday worship and fasting prayer in a rented place. Efforts are being made to make inroads into this needy place to win souls for the Lord. 

On Christmas Day, the Lord gave us an opportunity to share the Gospel with many who work in the Agartala airport. Our team from Calcutta came and helped on this occasion. The Lord enabled us to have a One-day retreat in January 2017 when many young people were given the Word of God. Our team here needs our prayer support as they labour for the Lord.

Another Bookstall in Gangtok, Sikkim

Bro. Joe had a great burden for the state of Sikkim and prayed much for it. With a vision to reach souls, he visited Gangtok in 2002 to open the bookstall there. Through the bookstall we are able to cater to the spiritual needs of many souls.

By God’s grace, as an extension to our old bookstall, we have rented a shop in the market place. There is a large display of books and Bibles and many are visiting our bookstall.  Bro. Ravikumar and his wife have joined Bro. Prasad who has been labouring here for the past 12 years. We need to pray much for our team here as they reach out to needy people and win them to the Lord.

Ludhiana, Punjab

Ludhiana is the largest city in the state of Punjab. With a great burden for reaching out to this needy state of Punjab, Bro. Joe conducted revival meetings here five times and the work of the Lord has been growing steadily. Over the years, the Lord has touched several students from the continent of Africa who are studying here and also a few families.

The Lord in His mercy recently gave us a centre for the word of God to go out and helped us to acquire our own place in Ludhiana. In January, revival meetings were arranged and many needy people gathered to hear God’s word. The Lord used Bro. John Daniel and Sister Lily as the Word went out with power. Many asked for prayer and Bro. John and Sister Lily were kept busy with counselling and praying with needy souls. The Lord stood in the midst and was glorified. Let us continue to pray for the ministry in Ludhiana and for our brother John Johnston and his family as they labour for the Lord here. Let us also pray for the African students who have turned to the Lord through our ministry here and have returned to Africa, that they may be Christ’s ambassadors in their own countries.

New Prayer Hall in KGF, Karnataka

The work of the Lord has been going on for many years in Kolar Gold Fields, which is commonly known as KGF. We have been worshipping the Lord in our old prayer hall all these years. 

The Lord in His mercy has given us a new prayer hall which was dedicated during the recent revival meetings.  Many of our folks from several centres of the Fellowship came here on this memorable occasion. Dr. Samraj dedicated the new hall with prayer and the preaching of the Word of God.

Let us pray that the Spirit of God may continue to work in the hearts and lives of the people here. 

New Prayer Hall in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bro. Joe had a special love and burden for Mumbai and he had often addressed meetings in our centre here in the large open grounds and many were touched and blessed by the Lord.  For several years, we had our Sunday worship in our small hall in our campus in Mumbai. However, as this hall became too small, a larger hall was erected to accommodate the people.  The Lord helped our team to work hard and get this large hall ready in a short period of time.

The November meetings were held in this commodious new hall and many non-Christians were at our meetings here. The dear Lord used Dr. Jesudas and Bro. Inbaraj and caused His Word to go forth with power.  Let us pray much for the need of this large city and that the light of God’s word will transform lives.

A Place of Worship in Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore, which was the capital of the kingdom of Mysore from 1399 to 1947, is an important city in the state of Karnataka. With its ancient Mysore Palace and famous Brindavan Garden, it is a tourist attraction for many thousands of people. 

Our work in Mysore, has been going forward steadily under the good hand of the Lord. As we did not have any place of our own for our Sunday worship, we moved from place to place for many years. Recently the Lord graciously enabled us to acquire an old building where we have been worshipping the Lord for the past few years. 

We need to pray much for this ancient city of Karnataka where the Lord is helping our team to reach souls, in spite of the many onslaughts of the devil. 



First Medical Camp in Ashoknagar, Chennai

The twin clinics at Ashoknagar are the fulfilment of the long-cherished vision of Bro. Joe. Hence on the occasion of the first anniversary of the medical ministry here, a free medical and dental camp was organized on the 22nd of March 2017.

The camp commenced by the preaching of the Word of God by Dr. Lily Daniel from the Bible verse, “Cast thy bread upon many waters” (Eccl. 11:1). She said that as many people walk through the door of a hospital, the medical ministry opens up a great opportunity to show the love of Christ and give the Gospel to so many rank outsiders. She shared a few of her spiritual experiences from her medical practice which was an encouragement to many. 

We had nearly 200 patients, including several Hindus and Muslims and they were given free medical and dental treatment and also medication. Some of them requested for prayer and a few of our brothers and sisters spent time with them counselling them. 

Thus the camp was greatly blessed of the Lord. We must pray much for the medical ministry in Ashoknagar that the Lord must touch and transform many lives. 


Worldwide Labours

Summer Retreat in UK

The UK Summer Retreat was held at Quinta Hall, out in the country, some 200 miles from London. God blessed the retreat and granted us His word and presence. The hall was full from the first night with many hungry people who came with much earnestness. God used Bro. John Daniel, Bro. David Campbell and Bro. Johannes Weidenmuller, along with the Irish choir who sang for the Lord.

People poured out their hearts in the prayer sessions. Many were present from all over the world, namely Ghana, Pakistan, Jamaica, Nigeria, Mauritius, Ireland and England. Many were very sad to leave at the end of the retreat. We must pray that the Lord will seal His Word in all the hearts and that God’s word will spread to all these nations which were represented.

Summer Retreat in Gottingen, Germany

God granted His presence and blessed the German retreat, as the Word of God went out with power. Mr. and Mrs. Lukas played their violins and led the singing.

After a local pastor heard the word of God, he said that an invitation should be sent out to all the local churches. Let us pray that God will awaken people to take hold of God in individual obedience to His Word. 


Summer Retreat in US

Many earnest and needy people were in attendance from various parts of the country. The Lord used our brothers, John Daniel, David Campbell and Johannes Weidenmuller as the messages and the Bible studies on the heart condition searched the heart.

One sister travelled all the way from Nigeria to the Retreat, after being blessed by reading the book “Another Daniel” when she stopped by our bookshop in London. While she prayed at the retreat centre she was touched of the Lord and was healed of her leg pain. Her main burden is that the Lord will touch her son and daughter. We must pray that the Lord will raise up godly young people who will overcome the world and live with eternal goals and values.

Thanksgiving Retreat, Michigan, US

The Lord brought many earnest people from many different states to the retreat and gave us a focused and blessed time in His presence, from November 25 to 27. The Lord controlled the winter weather and kept away the snow and the ice, as many travelled long distances to be at the retreat. 

It is always a great blessing to those who turn aside to hear God’s word and to “look up” and give God thanks, in a world which encapsulates and enslaves people in a mindless rush to chase shadows only to find that at the end of life’s road, one has lost everything. May our focus always be to “look up” to the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth and then we will be those who live for eternity.

Easter Retreat in Detroit, US

The Lord granted His presence and His word at the Easter Retreat. Several drove long distances for the weekend retreat with a seeking heart looking to the Lord. Let us pray that the message of the resurrection power will govern the hearts and lives of all who were in attendance. We praise God for the good weather and the safety for all those who attended the retreat.

Retreat in Melbourne, Australia

The dear Lord blessed the retreat at Scots Presbyterian Church, Melbourne, Australia, on Oct. 15 and 16.  A total of 30 people attended the different sessions during the weekend. We had people from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Port Macquarie and Deniliquin.

At this retreat, we were happy to hear the testimony from a 23-year-old Australian who is moving to Arhnem Land as a missionary with the Mission Aviation Fellowship. Let us pray much that all who were at the Retreat must follow and obey the truths which they heard in the Retreat. 


Meetings in Guyana, South America

The meetings in Guyana in November were greatly blessed and owned of God, as many hungry people came to hear God’s word. The whole country hears the message over the TV and radio, on our weekly broadcasts. Many young people and also several families who need the Lord’s touch, were present. The wife of one of the consulate officers comes to hear God’s word weekly from the Indian embassy. Let us pray that the Lord will touch her husband also. 

Let us pray for the President of Guyana who has received the book “Another Daniel” presented to him at one of our book fairs which are reaching many souls. Let us also pray for the TV and radio programmes going over the air to the neighbouring countries of Suriname, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.  

We praise God for the prayer, faith and life of Dr. Danny and the testimony he has left behind. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters and that the work here will be a launching pad to reach many in the large continent of South America.

Second Memorial Meeting of Bro. Joe

On October 8, at the first day evening of the Students’ Camp at Beulah Gardens, we had the second memorial meeting for Bro. Joe, when we remembered his challenging example as a great pacesetter for all of us in the Fellowship. 

The special programme presented by the children of the headquarters on the life and ministry of Bro. Joe was very moving, as it brought back memories of his beautiful life and faithful labours for souls. After Sister Lily and Lydia spoke about his exemplary life of doing God’s will at any cost, Bro. John Daniel preached on, “Fight the good fight of faith!” The dear Lord was greatly glorified in our midst, as we remembered the life and ministry of Bro. Joe. 

Youth and Children’s Camps

The International Students’ Camp

Thousands of young people poured into Beulah Gardens, making it the largest students’ camp so far, with about 7500 young people resident inside the camp. We had to quickly put up accommodation for all those who attended.

We were delighted to have so many students from various countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and other countries from the large continent of Africa.  The special song which they sang with all their hearts was a great blessing to all. “Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit saith the Lord – And all these mountains shall be removed”. One of them testified how the Lord touched him at one of the earlier students’ camps and changed his life. He was in Beulah Gardens for about six months to have training. We must pray much for these precious students that they may return to their countries as missionaries with the fire of God burning in their hearts.

There were several hundreds of students from the North and North-East of India, including Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim. Some of them had to spend three days in the train to reach Beulah Gardens. But they came with great hunger to receive the Word of God.

The Lord gave us His presence and His Word at the camp as Bro. John Daniel, Bro. Arthur Hill and Dr. Jesudas shared the Word with us. The testimonies of our young people were very challenging. 

The group discussion time was a time of active participation by students, asking questions and sharing their thoughts and views with the group leaders who answered their questions and encouraged them to move forward. 

Several teams of our brothers worked with all their hearts in the various departments like kitchen, electricity, security, tuck-shop and the bookstall. 

Above all, the presence of the Lord pervaded all over Beulah Gardens and one could see students praying in several corners of the prayer hall and in the open grounds. The fasting prayer session was owned by God as young people lifted up their voices and cried to God with contrition of heart. 

The Lord touched many souls and it was very hard to part with these young students. Let us continue to pray for these young people that they may all rise up as mighty witnesses for the Lord and build His Kingdom.

Stuartpuram, Andhra Pradesh

The dear Lord blessed the youth camp in Stuartpuram during the Independence Day holidays. Though Pushkarams are going on at the same time, when millions of Hindus take a bath in the Krishna river, the camp went on without any disturbance. Around 6000 young people gathered in God’s presence with much expectation. The dear Lord used our brothers mightily and many souls were touched. 

On Saturday and Sunday evenings most of the young people skipped dinner to seek God with fasting and prayer. We found it difficult to close the evening session on Sunday as the Spirit of God moved upon the young people and they were crying to the Lord with all their hearts. As they sought the Lord earnestly and humbled themselves, some of them got the assurance of salvation at the camp. The Lord marvellously supplied all the needs of the camp.

Aizawl, Mizoram

The Lord in His mercy granted Easter Retreat from 13th to 16th April 2017 in the Synod Conference Centre, Aizawl. There were 300 campers and another 150 day campers at this Retreat. Students from Ripans, Mizoram University, Veterinary College, Aizawl Government College and students from other various different schools and institutions came and heard the word of God with rapt attention, as the Lord also used our brothers from Guwahati, Dimapur, Agartala and Karimganj.

Many students were convicted of their sins and some even stayed till midnight for prayer and counselling, while others were pouring out their hearts in prayer. God brought the Governor of Mizoram,     his wife and the Brigadier of Assam Rifles and other state officials to the Easter Sunday service and they said it was a great blessing. We must pray that the Lord will continue to touch souls and that many will rise up to follow the Lord faithfully.

Imphal, Manipur

     Though our campus has only limited facilities, we were able to accommodate and take care of 378 campers. During the day, we had about 600 people, as many from our sub-centres and local churches of several districts of Manipur attended the meetings.

The dear Lord used our brothers mightily and the Spirit of God began to work in their hearts. The prayer sessions were owned of the Lord. Many earnest boys and girls stayed back after the meeting for prayer and counsel. So our brothers and sisters were kept busy counselling and praying with them late into the night.

   The various teams of our brothers and sisters worked wholeheartedly and faithfully, serving the people. The Lord marvellously provided for all the needs of the camp. Many sent their troubled youth to this camp to be touched of the Lord.

Though Manipur has been passing through political turbulence and turmoil, the Lord kept the situation under His control and blessed our efforts very much. We must pray that these precious young people will rise up as true witnesses and get a real burden and vision for God’s kingdom.

Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

What was intended to be a youth camp for the students of one engineering college turned out to be a retreat for students from many other colleges too, as about 200 of them registered for the youth camp. The Lord used our team from Guwahati and Shillong. Many students were under the Spirit’s conviction and they stayed till late in the night for counseling and sought prayer. We must continue to pray for these young people that they may become true witnesses for the Lord. 

Guyana, South America

At the one-day retreat for students in October, there were about 350 students from various schools and colleges in attendance. This gave us a precious opportunity to give the word of God to the youth of Guyana as they listened to God’s word with rapt attention. We must continue to pray for the Spirit’s work in their hearts, to enable them to be overcomers.

We had a youth camp for two days at a remote camp site for young boys and girls on the 5th and 6th of May 2017. Many were touched and some of them came out openly to share their struggles with drugs and demonic oppression. Let us pray that all these young people may repent and be converted and become a great blessing to many. 

Children’s Camps

Our children’s camps have always been a time of great blessing not only to the children but also the young and the old, down these many years. The Children’s camps in Royapuram, Headquarters, Mumbai, Salem, Dimapur and several other places were a time of great blessing to the children and the youth. 

The Lord used several of our brothers and sisters at these camps and children were very attentive and receptive as they heard the Word of God. We must pray for the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of these precious children that they must rise up as His mighty witnesses and missionaries to carry the Word to far-away places.

Meetings in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has seen great revival visitations in the labours of Bro. Daniel (senior) and Bro. Joe in the early days of the Fellowship, when many were touched and transformed by the power of God. With a great burden to rekindle the revival fires in those areas, in spite of his busy schedule, Bro. Joe often addressed revival meetings in those southern centres. 

Meetings were arranged in several centres of the Fellowship like Coimbatore, Coonoor, Madurai, Arambakkam, Chenglepet, Annamalainagar, Thirukoilur, Pondicherry and Palayamkottai. Several teams of our brothers preached God’s word and the Lord graciously strengthened them and used them mightily.  Many new people came to hear God’s word and were touched of God.  Now we need to travail in prayer for the continuity of the Spirit’s work in their hearts so that mighty men and women of God may rise up out of these labours.  

Campaigns in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana


The series of meetings in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions commenced in Tenali. The meetings here from January 15 to 17, were greatly blessed and owned of the Lord who caused His Word to go forth with power, as Bro. John Daniel and other brothers were used of the Lord.

Let us continue to pray for the Spirit’s work in the hearts of the people who packed the hall to hear God’s word.


Our team prayed for months and prepared this place for the big campaign of this year. Thousands and thousands of simple rustic people poured in with great hunger and expectation. The Word of God went out with great power and authority, as the dear Lord greatly strengthened His servants and used them mightily. The times of prayer which always follow the main messages were a time of refreshing and reviving in God’s presence as people lifted up their voices towards heaven and cried to God for His touch. The presence of God and the spirit of prayer were very strongly felt in our midst at this campaign. 

Let us remember to pray for these precious people that the Spirit of God must continue to work and cause them to become mighty men and women of God who will live for His glory.


People came from far and near with hungry hearts for the Word of God and our large campus began to get filled to capacity. On the last day, as there was no room in our grounds, many stood and heard the message with rapt attention, as the crowd swelled to over 10,000 people. Several teams of our local brothers and sisters took care of the various responsibilities at these meetings and God’s name was glorified. 


The meetings in Visakhapatnam took place in our hall and the Lord blessed our poor efforts and many were greatly blessed. As our hall and the gallery section got filled up, we had to seat the overflow crowd of a few hundred people in the basement of the hall. The hunger of the people was quite evident as they sat and drank in the Word. We praise God for the large team of people whom God has raised up here to serve Him and to testify of what God has done in their lives. We pray that the Lord will touch and transform many more souls and make them His true witnesses.


Even though the revival meetings were held during working days, many needy people turned up and filled up our hall and our premises. During the meetings, many of our young boys and girls stepped in and helped in all the arrangements of the meetings. A group of believers gathered daily for prayer for two weeks to prepare the place for these revival meetings. It was amazing to see some staunch Hindus, who opposed their children attending our Sunday service, being present at the meetings. The Lord used Dr. Jesudas and Bro. Priyanath in these meetings. Let us continue to pray for a real breakthrough and revival in this city.

Other Meetings

Every year, from January to April, meetings are held in many small and big centres of the Fellowship in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions. Several teams of our brothers go out in batches and preach God’s word.

The Lord strengthened them and used them to give the Word as many needy souls gathered to hear the Word. We need to pray for the continuity of the Spirit’s work in hearts that many will rise up as mighty witnesses of the Lord to glorify Him.

advances in North India

When we think of the vast unreached regions and states of North India, what we are doing is so little. It grieves our heart that still there are millions of people who have not heard the gospel.   The Lord in His tender mercy has been helping our brothers in the various centres in North India to go forward by faith. The few meetings which we had in these places are but a drop in the bucket, compared to the immense need of these areas. Let us pray to the Lord of harvest to raise up many faithful workers, who will run after souls. We must pray much for our brothers and sisters who are labouring in these hard and remote regions of North India.


The Lord granted two days of special meetings in Jammu in March. We had around 230 people at these meetings. There were many from Anantnag, Gurdaspur, Chandigarh, Delhi and Lucknow.  Several local people were also present. 

Right from the first session, people heard the Word with rapt attention. As the Spirit of God moved upon them, they all cried to God during the prayer sessions. The humble testimonies of the converted brothers and sisters encouraged many. Many were deeply touched and blessed at these meetings. We must continue to pray for Jammu and for Isaac and Rebecca, who are labouring there.

Silchar, Assam

Silchar which is about 350 km south-east of Guwahati, is the second largest city in Assam. In order to reach the young people of this city, our workers from Karimganj, Agartala and Guwahati came over to conduct two days of special meetings on March 25 and 26 in the Presbyterian Church auditorium. The young people drank in the Word with earnest hearts. They actively participated in group discussions, asking questions. Some of them stayed back to seek counsel and prayer. It was a time of great blessing to all present there. Let us pray for a rich harvest of souls in Silchar.

Chandigarh, Punjab

At our meetings in Chandigarh in November, we had about 250 people, many of whom were local non-Christian people. Though they came with the idea to attend only the first session of the meetings, they were attracted by the Word of God and they attended the meetings on all the  three days. 

Many of our brothers and sisters from surrounding North Indian centres were also present. These meetings were a great blessing to many as the Lord spoke to them and many are repenting and turning to God.

Our Medical Work

Numerous of our doctors both men and women are labouring in various capacities and helping to take the Good News of the dear Lord and His salvation to many who would otherwise never  hear the Gospel. 

The Lord has been strengthening our medical doctors and nurses in our Gospel clinics, as they serve the poor and sick in body and spirit. 

In our hospital in Anantnag, Kashmir, our crew and their ministrations continually grow. We are having to send the needed additional staff to help with the increasing number of patients.

Our Gospel Clinics in various places like Coonoor, Velliankadu, Gummidipundi, Royapuram  and Shillong serve the poor  and give them the Gospel. People who come for treatment often open their hearts and share their problems with our doctors, as they know that our doctors and nurses are godly and praying people. Thus they receive counsel and prayer along with medical help. When invited, some of these patients attend our meetings and turn to the Lord.

Medical Camps

A team of doctors, nurses and volunteers conduct free medical camps in the outskirts of Madras where hundreds of patients receive free medical treatment.  At these camps, the medical team is kept very busy serving the sick, while the other team members take this opportunity to counsel the needy and give them the Gospel. People with various problems and those afflicted with evil spirits are also prayed over. We must pray much for our medical teams in their efforts to reach the unreached.

In our medical work amongst the tribal people at Masinagudi in the Niligiri mountains, many needy people are given the Gospel along with the medical treatment. In the month of June, Sister Lily Daniel spent much time with these patients giving them the Good News and explaining to them the way of salvation. We must pray that the Spirit of God must work in their hearts and bring them out of darkness into the marvellous light of the Lord Jesus. 

In the Sunderbans or the marshy tracts of the Gangetic Delta, in West Bengal, there are many villages where tigers and crocodiles have rendered many children fatherless. Our medical team from Calcutta goes every month to one part of the Sunderbans, where people are given the Gospel along with medical treatment.

In Guyana, South America, on the 10th anniversary of Dr. Esther Daniel, our team organized a Health Fair in collaboration with the Ministry of Health on the13th of March. This was held in our branch ministry chapel in a place called Enterprise. About 80 patients received medical and dental help. 

The Literature Ministry

As the Fellowship expands and presses on to reach new areas all the time, we have to print more soul-winning and soul-nourishing literature. So we keep printing and publishing good books and biographies in several languages.

The distribution of our books is always on the increase. As our books are continually in great demand, we constantly run out of stock. Our book fair teams take tons and tons of books and Bibles with them to various nooks and corners of this country and neighbouring countries also.  A spacious book-warehouse in Beulah Gardens is getting filled rack after rack with these beautiful books in many languages.

The Lord helped us to bring out our first book in the Thai language—‘Victory over Demons and Fear’. Mother Daniel’s book ‘A Wise Woman Buildeth Her Home’ has been published in Mandarin and is in great demand.  We must pray that these two books must influence and change many lives in those countries.

In Telugu, we published four books, ‘Mao and Marx Bound Us but Christ Freed Us’, ‘View of Sabbath’, ‘Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret’ and ‘Honeycomb 2’. Two new titles have been added to the list of our Hindi books, which are ‘Revival Secrets’ and ‘Get Set… Go’. In Tamil, two books have come out of the press—‘Our Father’ and ‘Wild Flower 5’ and ‘Holy Ann’ is the latest addition to our Malayalam books.

We feel that our present coverage in literature distribution in India and the neighbouring countries is so poor that our hearts must grieve over our small faith. We need to get into large-scale printing, in several languages so as to reach the millions.

Book Fairs

The Lord helped our team to conduct book fairs in many cities and towns of India. As the word of God goes over the TV and reaches many people, this paves the way for the book fairs which draw many needy souls who are glad to see our team.

In Gujarat, we had book fairs in Surat, Daman, Bharuch, Anand, Nadiad, Ahmedabad, Gandhidham, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Porbandar and Vadodara. In every place, people were so happy to visit our book fairs and bought many books and Bibles. They came with their various needs and shared their problems with our brothers and requested prayer.

The Lord blessed our fair in Vindyanagar, Uttar Pradesh. It was our second book fair here in the past three years. People visited our fair late into the night after their daily tasks were over.

The dear Lord helped our team to conduct book fairs in North-East India in December and thus several hundreds of people had access to many precious books and Bibles.   In Guwahati, Assam, our local team prepared the place for the book fair. Many Bible students from the local Bible colleges visited us and bought many books and Bibles. People from other book shops also made use of our book fair here. The book fair in Shillong was held under a tent, in a strategic location where many passers-by could visit. Some of them did come in and bought our books. At our book fair in Aizawl, Mizoram, we had a steady flow of people who bought many books and Bibles. The dear Lord helped us to have a book display in the Central Mall which attracted so many outsiders and young people. 

The book fair in Agartala, Capital of Tripura drew many Bengali Hindus who were our special visitors.  In Ambassa, Tripura, people thronged to our book fair and bought many books and Bibles. The stream of young people who visited us every evening moved our hearts as their spiritual need was so evident. There was a great demand for Bengali Bibles as so many Bengalis have settled here. In Khumulwng, Tripura, we had our book fair in the local Christmas mela which opened to us a great opportunity to reach people from all walks of life. Ours was the only stall exclusively selling Christian books. 

Television and Radio MinistrY

Our telecasts are covering a greater part of the sub-continent of India. The dear Lord supplies what is needed to pay the bills for these telecasts that is bringing great enlightenment and blessing to many people who know little or nothing of the great and loving Saviour who died to bring them salvation. Let us cry to the Lord for His touch upon all the viewers.  The Word of God is the only hope for all nations.

In UK, our Sunday morning telecast over Reality TV from 7.30 to 8.00 am and the Thursday evening telecast over Revelation TV from 8.00 to 8.30 pm cover almost the whole of Europe.

Our telecasts from Dusseldorf, in the heartland of German industry, must needs penetrate hitherto indifferent hearts. There is a steady increase in viewership as more people write in of blessing.

The small nation of Guyana in South America continues to have “The Lord’s Challenge” given to them both by radio and television every Sunday. The message reaches many people even into the hinterland, to the borders of Brazil. People call us and tell us that the messages are very important to their families. More and more people are responding to the messages. 

A TV station in Thailand beams out the message reaching many parts of Thailand with the word of God. Let us pray that the word will grip people’s hearts and turn people to the Lord.

In Australia, 33 radio stations are airing “The Lord’s Challenge.” In addition to these radio broadcasts in Australia, the message of God’s love and power goes out over television in the cities of Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.  

 We must also pray for the ten weekly quarter-hour broadcasts reaching various cities in the US. 

Let us ask the Lord for a true burden and understanding to pray for the radio and television broadcasts and pray for worldwide blessing as God’s word goes out to the millions.

The Internet Ministry

Many people tuned in to the messages of both morning and evening sessions of the Annual Retreat via our website, in many parts of the globe. The viewers keep increasing and reports of blessing are coming in from various parts of the globe.

The message which goes out every Sunday morning at 10.00 AM EST (7.30 PM IST) is proving to be a great blessing to many people who watch it online. Those who cannot afford to watch the messages live online download these messages from our website later and share them with many and are thus greatly quickened and blessed. 

Much of the resources on our website are now made available in eleven other languages, viz., Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Burmese, Hindi and Telugu. May the Lord enable us to reach more souls via this ministry.

Our Schools

While running schools has become some sort of business enterprise to many people, our schools are meant to build the lives of the children and young people in the fear of God and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

We must pray much for our teachers and staff as they labour amongst the young children teaching them the lasting and eternal word of God.

Our schools in Bansi, Uttar Pradesh, Salem and Mettupalayam in Tamil Nadu continue to maintain 100% pass in the Matriculation Exam. In our Ponneri school, out of the 50 students who appeared for the School Leaving Matriculation Exam, 49 passed and out of the 54 who appeared for the Plus Two Examination, 53 passed. Four of our other schools are elementary schools including the school in Nepal.

Please note that our success is measured by how many students we produce with strong Christian character and not by mere academic achievements. The question is, how well will our pupils fare in the severe tests of character which await them out in the world.

The Annual Retreat

The dear Lord blessed the Annual Retreat in a very definite way as the searchlight of God’s Word was beamed on our hearts.  Soon after the message in the morning meetings, the whole hall reverberated with the voice of prayer as people cried to God for His cleansing touch. During the afternoons, many were found under the trees in the vast grounds and in the fields of Beulah Gardens, praying and seeking God’s touch in their lives. 

The Lord used Bro. John Daniel, Bro. Arthur Hill, Sister Lily Daniel, and Dr Jesu mightily. We had the challenging testimonies and reports of our brothers and sisters from North India and various parts of the world. The  message through songs by the Daniel 5 and the North-Eastern and North-Indian groups were a great blessing. 

This year, we had over 10,000 people who registered and attended the Retreat staying in the camp. God took care of every aspect and provided the needed accommodation. 

We praise God for the various teams of our brothers who served cheerfully and did everything as unto the Lord in their various departments, like the kitchen, registration, tuck-shop, security, water, electricity and bookstall. Our hearts overflow with thanks and praise for all the mercies of God towards us. No one complained or grumbled about the heat and everything went forward without any hitch under the good Hand of God.

After hearing the word of the Lord, now the application and implementation of the word in our lives is of paramount importance. In this short life on earth, let us live to glorify God.


We live in a world where there is a continual demand on our time regarding various activities.  Hence the danger is to fall into a mechanical mould in the performance of our many duties.  

Our individual prayer life enables us to walk in the spirit and look up continually and soar above the world.  God’s Spirit works in unique ways and a live touch with God makes things so personal and new every day as we spend time with Him. ”The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way.” (Ps. 25:9)  When we are guided by God, we will stand firm in the Lord and become stronger and stronger.

Let us return to true childlikeness and meekness of spirit. Then our Almighty Saviour’s great works will be manifested all around us and through unworthy people like us. 

                     MAY GOD BE GLORIFIED IN ALL.